The History of Small Stuff Studio

My first venture on Etsy was in 2012 when I opened a shop called Ginger Prim Creations. (Odd name, I know.) Crafting items for the shop kept me busy for a few months, but it wasn't something I was passionate about doing. My creativity quickly fizzled out.

GingersLittleHouse (formerly GingerPrimCreations)

One day, I stumbled across miniatures that were made with polymer clay. I was suddenly struck with nostalgia of being a little girl playing with my dollhouse. I was so amazed by the realism and inspired with creativity that I bought a block of polymer clay and gave it a try. I purchased books, watched tutorials, and practiced techniques. A quick name change to Ginger's Little House, and I was officially what I call a "mini-maker".

This sad little citrus layer cake was one of my first miniatures.
I remember being so proud of myself.

In 2016, I went on hiatus, but I missed making miniatures. I decided to abandon the old shop and start fresh with Small Stuff Studio. So here I am, starting a new blog dedicated to showcasing my adventures in mini-making. I look forward to sharing my projects with you.

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