Buttercream Bakery Continued

Construction is finally complete on the Buttercream Bakery. Phew! It was rough! The flooring and shingles took a few days to finish. I had to stop and walk away a few times because I was dying from sheer boredom. This project has taught me that I have no patience when it comes to floors, windows, and doors. And let me tell you about that door! I really tried to make it a functioning door that opens and closes. I sanded! I fought! I growled! Finally, after pinging a dozen tiny hinge nails across the room, I decided to just glue the darn thing in place. It doesn't work, but it looks nice. I don't play with my miniatures like that anyway, so I'm happy with it. Check out my progress below,

I used skinny sticks to create a hardwood floor.
I designed a logo for the bakery sign.
Front exterior.
Side exterior
Large bay window
My sad non-functioning door. Boo!
Back interior


Cottage Tiny House Update

I finished adding accessories to the Cottage Tiny House. I may add a few more things in the future. Maybe another rug, a doll, or some random pictures. It's really hard not to want to add a gazillion extra details! For now, this charming cottage is hanging on the wall in my craft area. Cheers!

The cozy bedroom loft.
Everything needed to curl up with a good book is right here.
The charming first floor living space.
The perfect spot to spend the afternoon knitting.
I personalized the decorative frames with one of my favorite photos.
A beautiful floral wreath on the front door.
Maybe a tea kettle and some more wall hangings? What do you think?
The Cottage Tiny House

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