Printable Christmas Cards

Grab an X-Acto knife, crank up the Christmas music, and get ready for some holiday mini crafting! Here are 3 sets of Christmas cards with envelopes and stamps to download and print. Scatter them on a miniature desk or tabletop, hang them on the dollhouse door, set them atop the fireplace mantel or create a holiday banner to be strung across the wall.

Whimsical Christmas
Christmas Pine

Print your favorite set or print them all! You decide! Cheers!


Buttercream Bakery

Today, I'm sharing the humble beginnings of my latest project, Buttercream Bakery. It's turning into a true labor of love! There's been a lot of cutting, sanding, filling in, and touch ups along the way, but it's coming together nicely.
Greenleaf's Storybook Cottage kit
Lots of cutting, sanding, and filling = an empty shell

View of the front exterior

Pieces of the large bay window

The large bay window after attaching it to the house.

Printable Hot Chocolate

Have fun decorating your miniature winter scenes with this printable box of hot chocolate. It's quick and easy to make! It looks great tucked away in your dollhouse kitchen cupboard, too.

Be sure to download the PDF file below for a quality printable version. Please note this printable has been shared with you for personal use only. Cheers!


Cottage Tiny House Continued

I've been working on my Cottage Tiny House project and wanted to give a quick update on my progress. The main furnishings are in place, and I'm eager to begin adding accessories. I haven't decided yet on how I'm going to decorate the walls or which bobbles and trinkets to add, but it's been fun watching the project come to life. I've included more details below. Cheers!

I hand-stitched the mattress and covered it with a machine-sewed teal and peach floral comforter.
A pillow and pillow case to match.
I purchased and assembled a Chrysbon rocking chair and a pot belly stove kit.
I also crocheted the rug and afghan.
A playful kitten in a basket of yarn.
The Cottage Tiny House in it's current condition.

Dollhouse Miniature Chair and Hutch Makeover

It's been a while since my last post, so I'm sharing a few photos of a mini makeover I did a few years ago. I love, love, LOVE miniature makeovers! 

I found a rocking chair and hutch while browsing eBay. As you can see, they were well-loved and needed repairs.

A little white paint, yellow floral print fabric, and striped paper really went a long way. I think it brightened it up nicely, don't you? 

I completed the project by adding mini desserts and accessories, then listed it in my shop where it sold quickly. 

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