Buttercream Bakery Continued

Construction is finally complete on the Buttercream Bakery. Phew! It was rough! The flooring and shingles took a few days to finish. I had to stop and walk away a few times because I was dying from sheer boredom. This project has taught me that I have no patience when it comes to floors, windows, and doors. And let me tell you about that door! I really tried to make it a functioning door that opens and closes. I sanded! I fought! I growled! Finally, after pinging a dozen tiny hinge nails across the room, I decided to just glue the darn thing in place. It doesn't work, but it looks nice. I don't play with my miniatures like that anyway, so I'm happy with it. Check out my progress below,

I used skinny sticks to create a hardwood floor.
I designed a logo for the bakery sign.
Front exterior.
Side exterior
Large bay window
My sad non-functioning door. Boo!
Back interior


Cottage Tiny House Update

I finished adding accessories to the Cottage Tiny House. I may add a few more things in the future. Maybe another rug, a doll, or some random pictures. It's really hard not to want to add a gazillion extra details! For now, this charming cottage is hanging on the wall in my craft area. Cheers!

The cozy bedroom loft.
Everything needed to curl up with a good book is right here.
The charming first floor living space.
The perfect spot to spend the afternoon knitting.
I personalized the decorative frames with one of my favorite photos.
A beautiful floral wreath on the front door.
Maybe a tea kettle and some more wall hangings? What do you think?
The Cottage Tiny House

Printable Bakery Boxes

Here are some printable bakery boxes for you to use in your miniature bakery projects. Fill them with cakes, cupcakes, pies, donuts, or whatever your heart desires. Maybe leave a few unfolded or half folded boxes underneath the counter to add some realism to your shop. Let your imagination decide!

Remember my printables are for personal use and not for resale. Download the PDF file below. Cheers!


Buttercream Bakery Update

Buttercream Bakery is still under construction. I've been working on it when I get spare time, so it's been a slow process. The roof is on and the windows are installed. Trying to get the windows in place has been a huge pain in the rump, but I eventually did it. I'm so glad that part is over! Here's my progress, so far. Cheers!

The exterior roof waiting for shingles.
The inside view of the roof.
Installed all windows
Added wallpaper...polka dots, sprinkles, and stripes!

Bakery Racks

Wow! I can't believe this is my first post of 2019! So, I finally had a chance to begin working on something I've been wanting to make for a very long time - miniature bakery racks. They will be available for purchase in my shop after I add some goodies, but I was too eager to wait before sharing them here. Cheers!

Putting the pieces together.
All glued and ready for paint.
Painted. Distressed. Sealed.
The finished project

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