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Here's to wishing the magic of Christmas fills every corner of your hearts and homes with peace and joy - now and always. See you in 2021!



Printable Flags and Sparkler Boxes

The month of July is usually filled with picnics, barbecues, parades, and celebrations. In the United States, we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. So in honor of the upcoming holiday, I created this set of printable American flags and sparklers boxes. Display them on the shelves of your miniature shop or add them to your picnic scene. They're quick and easy to make!

Don't forget! My printables are for personal use and not for resale. Download the PDF file below. Cheers!


Dollhouse Miniature Vintage Stove Makeover

A couple of years ago, I received a box full of used dollhouse furniture from my grandmother. She no longer had any use for them, and some of the items in that box were broken and missing parts. I've been slowly working my way through the box repairing and rehabbing the pieces.

One of the items was this sad little stove. Although it was missing 2 legs and the square door was broken, it wasn't in bad shape. It was just so plain looking, and there was some funky glue globs on the front leg.

After I removed the legs and extra bits, I primed it with a coat of white chalk paint and patched some rough spots with wood filler. I even ordered some new legs from eBay.

I decided to paint the stove a light teal color and kept the trim on the doors white. Then, I sealed it with a coat of satin varnish.

I was getting some major country vibes from this stove, but it was definitely missing something, so I printed a few decals and added them to the doors and sealed it again.

And here it is! Once I attached the handles, this bad boy really came to life! I could see this sitting in a cute country-themed kitchen or shabby bakery. I just love it!


Buttercream Bakery Interior

Ta Da! Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that I am finished with the interior! The shelves and curtains are up, and I've been toying around with furniture placement. I can't wait to fill all those shelves and counters with goodies! I'll have to save all that for another day because now it's time to move on to the exterior.

I added shelves above the windows.
Simple battery-operated lighting fixtures.
More curtains!
Finally, some furniture.

Printable Fabric Labels

If you're looking to fill up your miniature fabric shop or need a little something to add to the empty shelves in your dollhouse sewing or craft room, then this printable PDF is for you! This printable includes a set of 12 fabric labels, a fabric template, and simple instructions for you to create your own miniature bolts of fabric.

Download the PDF file below, then choose whatever fabric you like and have fun! Cheers!

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